Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Troy, The Movie

MMMMMMMMM Brad Pitt!! AND Eric Bana together.....what a fantasy :D Well after watching this movie, it really would be a nice fantasy.

However there are quite a few differences in the movie and the book, The Iliad. Still a good movie tho.

In the movie it's stated that Agamemnon brought the kings together for it which really isn't true. Helen had many powerful suitors and her father was too afraid to pick one of them for her husband in fear of offended the others. Odysseus convinced him to make a contract with the other suitors that made them promise that should anything happen to Helen, the other kings would assist in getting her back. When Paris kidnapped her from Menelaus, they were bound to honor their promise and help to return her. When Paris was born, it was predicted that he would be the downfall of Troy, so he was sent into the mountains without any knowledge of who he really was. Aphrodite was the one who promised him the most beautiful woman in the world and started the Trojan War.

In the movie Patroclus is Achilles's cousin but in the book he is his lover. I'm glad they made the change in the movie tho, cause I just couldn't picture Brad Pitt with a male lover (not that there's anything wrong with that).

In the movie Briseis is a member of Priam's family which she actually wasn't. She was simply a slave girl that Achilles in fact did fall in love with and Agamemnon did steal from him. And she didn't kill Agamemnon like they said in the movie. Agamemnon actually made it back home where his wife and her lover murdered him.

Altho Hector was a great warrior in his time, after he killed Patroclus, he didn't actually come out to face Achilles as easily as the movie depicts it. Achilles chased him around the walls of Troy 3 times before he actually stopped to fight him. Hector never killed Menelaus either or Ajax. Ajax committed suicide after Odysseus was given Achilles armor over him.

Now I understand that a movie has only a couple of hours in it and there's alot to the Trojan War then time would permit in a movie so they have to condense in down. But this war took about 20 years to finish and not the few months or so that is depicted in the movie. And Helen helped in it's destruction along with Odysseus. All in all tho, I do like this movie and it is worth it to watch.