Friday, March 20, 2009

Batman and Friends and Foes

Batman's always been my favorite Superhero!! In the movies that is. I loved the first 4 Batman movies but the last two with Christian Bale, I'm just not sure about them. Since when did Batman become so dark and violent?? Oh well check out all the guys who've played Batman along with his sidekick Dick Grayson better known as Robin but did you know that Dick Grayson wasn't the only "Robin"? You can also check out all the guys who've played Alfred the butler too.

I grew up watching the Adam West version of Batman and Robin but when I got older my favorite Batman became Michael Keaton. In the first Batman played by Michael Keaton, Bruce Wayne/Batman took on the Joker played by Jack Nicholson and in Batman Returns, Batman took on Cat-Woman, played by Michelle Pfeiffer and Penguin played by Danny DeVito. The third, Batman Forever has Val Kilmer and he's joined by Robin played by Chris O'Donnell and together they fight Riddler, played by Jim Carrey and Two-Face played by Tommy Lee Jones. As a side note about Two-Face, everyone knows that Harvey Dent ends up as Two-Face but in the first Batman movie Harvey Dent had a small part in it and he was played by Billy Dee Williams. I can see changing actors to play a role but changing the actor to a different race?? Then we come to Batman and Robin with George Clooney as Batman and Chris O'Donnell as Robin. The Super Villains they take on are Mr Freeze played by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Poison Ivy played by Uma Thurman. This one introduces another of the Bat Family, Batgirl played by Alicia Silverstone. The last Batman in both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight is played by Christian Bale, a much darker version of Batman. In the Dark Knight, Batman fights against another Joker played by Heath Ledger.

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